About Us...

 Green Thermal Solutions is based in Hamilton and is a family owned and operated business specializing in Thermal Bed Bug Remediation. Our treatments are all organic and 100% Eco-Friendly. 

Our main objective has always been to provide superior and unbeatable results without using harmful chemicals. This philosophy has paved the way during the creation of Green Thermal Solutions, the most environmentally safe and responsible way to kill Bed Bugs. Without the use of toxic chemicals, we use instead have a heat based approach. This is proven the most efficient and economical way to eliminate Bed Bug and Pest infestations. Our Equipment is able to produce the highest amount of safe and secure heat energy when compared to both propane and electrically generated remediation processes. Green Thermal Solutions reaches the kill zone temperature rapidly and terminates all life stages of Bed Bugs, their eggs and larvae in only one treatment, Guaranteed. It is the most powerful and efficient Thermal Remediation system available on the market.


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