pre-treatment and aftercare 

At Green Thermal Solutions proper preparation is a mandatory requirement for all treatments to be 100% effective in eliminating Bed Bugs, their eggs and larvae, this can be a hassle on some.  Without proper preparation there could be many places for the bed bugs to hide during the treatment process, only to reappear and re-infest the area at a later date.

Please review the checklist provided by your technician and if you have any questions Green Thermal Solutions can help you every step of the way.  We can assist with all of the required steps of the provided checklist or just the heavy lifting whatever suites your needs or ability.  

Pre-Treatment Services Currently Offered:

  • Cleaning and de-cluttering affected areas.
  • Removal and disposal of any un-required items
  • Remove bedding and launder
  • Bagging items in affected area
  • Moving furniture from walls
  • Laundering services
  • Removing batteries from larger items
  • Furniture disposal 
  • Remove Drapes and blinds
  • Remove electrical plates
  • Take beds apart if required
  • Completion of checklist


aftercare services currently offered:

  • Sealing and caulking of baseboards, electrical outlets and cracks in walls
  • Thorough vacuuming
  • Steaming of base boards, mattresses, couches and dresser drawers
  • Move items back to original positions
  • Replace and clean electrical plates
  • Reinstall drapes and blinds
  • Reconstruct beds 
  • Follow up appointment to inspect items left outside for treatment 
  • Warranty protection treatment services available
  • Much more just ask

All  services are available at an hourly rate, please ask your service technician or agent to provide a quote.  We also may be able to offer Senior/ Disability discounted rates.

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