Heat Assault 500X

Green Thermal Solutions works exclusively with the Heat Assault 500X. It is the most powerful Bed Bug and Pest Thermal Remediation equipment on the market. The 500X unit is capable of reaching temperatures of 145 degrees or higher, resulting in total death of all Bed Bugs, Bed Bug eggs and larvae in a matter of hours. You will not require more than one treatment (once and done).

The Heat Assault 500X uses forced convection technology which creates a powerful, consistent and uniform output of heat. This industry leading power and capacity allows you to treat entire floor or multiple units at one time.

The Heat Assault 500X disperses and diffuses hot air throughout the infested area within specially designed fans. These fan push heated air into every square inch of the infested room, penetrating walls as well as any cracks and/ or wall voids.

Green Thermal Solutions equipment is 100% human and pet friendly, making it the safest Bed Bug and Pest remediation method that exists today. As an added service to our clients Green Thermal Solutions only conducts business with the use of unmarked and discreet vehicles, equipment and staff. This ensures the utmost privacay for you and your family.

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