Classic Signs of Infestation


Classic Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation 

You start your morning off right every day, nothing out of the ordinary. Always the usual 6 am wake up and perhaps a coffee. Same routine day after day.

One morning there is a minuscule change. You notice a tiny black dot on the sheets that just won't flick off. You ask yourself if it’s a fluff or piece of lint, is a wayward crumb from the midnight snack you maybe snuck into bed last night? None of those seem quite right. You drive yourself crazy thinking about that dot.

Hop in the shower and put it to the back of your mind. You get out and as your drying off you notice you are itchy around the ankles. Now you are noticing that itch is quite strong and no matter how hard you scratch its just getting worse. Those little welts are so itchy you are sure you will be scratching for hours. They are red, puffy and won’t quit irritating. You are horrified to find its not just a single bite, there are 3 of them as a matter of fact. Its time to get to the bottom of this.

You make the rounds checking in with everyone in your family “Do you have any bites on you"? But as usual no one besides you has noticed anything out of the ordinary. You start searching you see nothing not a single thing major anywhere, just a couple more of those annoying looking dots. Is that ink?

At this point your family is sure you have gone off the deep end. You have made a mess of the bedroom and you still have zero answers. As the day moves on so do you.

Later, you come home to your cozy clean house and make dinner. The phone rings and on the other end is your cleaning lady. She wants to let you know about something she found something while working today.   As you start panic about she may have seen or found in the depths of your home (a lacy nightgown or other unmentionables perhaps?) She drops the bomb…” You have Bed Bugs”.

After the initial shock your mind is racing. So many questions. Where did they come from? How did I not notice? How do I deal with this? Why couldn't I find evidence of them this morning in my sheets?

She thoughtfully begins to explain that Bed Bugs hide. They hide very well. You most likely won't find the actual bug but more likely signs such as little black dots which is disturbingly actually fecal matter. There could be little bloodstains from rolling over in your sleep and squishing one. Skins that they shed during their molting cycle that look like the skin off a peanut it is thin and crumbles on contact. 

She lets you know Bed Bugs need to feed on your blood in order to molt (grow) into an adult, lay more eggs and worst of all build a small army in your home. She didn’t find any but if you see things like; tiny clusters of eggs that are pearly white and oval shaped. Nymphs which are hatched baby Bed Bugs. They are almost clear and exceptionally difficult to see, but look closely around your mattress edging, up inside your box spring or even couch cushions you may find some. These Bed Bugs need 5 blood meals before they can lay eggs so if you take care of it immediately and diligently you may be able to quell an outbreak.

She further explains you need to give this your full attention because an adult Bed Bug can lay up to 5 eggs a day or up to 500 eggs in their lifetime. Gross!  An fully mature Bed Bug is about the size of an apple seed and mahogany in color. Now that it has sunk in you are feeling itchy all over. You have one last question for her “How did this happen to me? I have a clean house!” 

Her final dose of truth… Bed Bugs love everyone. You don't have to be dirty to have them. If you are human, you can get them. They love to hitchhike home with you from anywhere and everywhere. Lastly and as far as your loved one not getting bites that may not be true, not everyone reacts to bites. Some people can get bitten several times over and never show a single symptom.

If you even remotely think you may have Bed Bugs call Green Thermal Solutions for your hassle free, no pressure zero strings attached in home consultation today.