Canine Pest Detection


Dogs have been used for serious scent detection work since the Middle Ages. Today canines are extensively trained and utilized by service professionals all over the globe to search for illegal drugs, bombs, weapons, missing people, and more. Dogs incredible sense of smell which is thought to be up to 100,000 times stronger than a humans, can even detect some forms of Cancer. 

A dog's sense of smell is their main sense. We as humans think in terms of sight because that is our main sense. When you go home after being out and there is soup cooking and you open the door you smell the soup however the dog smells all of the ingredients of that soup separately. Because of this trait people have trusted dogs for centuries, using them for scent detection, protection and security.

Our certified Bed Bug dogs are extremely accurate in finding Bed Bugs and/or Bed Bug eggs. Canine Bed Bug detection works because dogs are trained for hundreds of hours with the scents of live and dead adult Bed Bugs and their eggs. They are trained by using sniff and find routines and commands repeatedly until they are fully trained experts. This takes several hundreds of hours of dedicated training and handling. 

Once fully trained and certified our expertly-trained dogs can detect Bed Bugs in the fraction of the time it would take any human pest control professional to perform visual inspections. Our working dogs are relentless and extermely reliable with an ability to cover multiple individual homes or units in one day.