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Green Thermal Solutions and our Staff just wanted to take a few minutes to thank all of our supporters who took time to nominate and subsequently vote for us in the Hamilton Spectators Readers Choice Awards. Although we did not win first place we did come in second place in Business/ Services- Pest Control and were awarded “Diamond” level which we have been assured is quite impressive. So thank you all so much. We cannot express how thankful we are to have such wonderful and happy clients. We are beyond grateful for each and everyone of you.


Launder The Bed Bugs Away.


If you have taken the time to read this I am sure you know, Bedbugs can be your worst nightmare. If you have found them in your home or residence we hope you have reached out to a pest control company to help get these nasty little pests out of your home. Are bias that a professional is the best way to go?  Maybe but we have time and again consulted with folks just like you who think that they can fix the BedBug issue themselves, I am absolutely not kidding when I tell you we hear back from over 93% of these people within 3 weeks asking us to come back and help. This is because these bugs are hard to kill on your own and without the proper tools, training and knowledge it can be a real uphill and overwhelming battle for homeowners. Green Thermal Solutions wants to make sure that you get the most out of your service so we supply our clients with very thorough Pre-Treatment Preparation and After Care program materials (We also so offer these as services on an hourly basis for our clients who unable or just would prefer to have someone take care of the heavy lifting for them) . Today we are going to give a little more information on one of the most overlooked yet vitally important parts of getting the BedBugs out of your home for good...Laundering.

One of the most important steps to prepare your home and protect it from re-infestation is laundering. Bed Bugs are notorious hitchhikers. They will find their way into your home however they can. This is most commonly done by travelling on our clothes or personal belongings. Think about everywhere you go in a day and all the people that go there, all the places you sit and all the other people that sit there, all the places you rest your belongings and all the other people who do the same. I am certain you are starting to get where I am going with this. It is not as easy as you may think to know who has BedBugs you may come across several people in a day and never know they are affected. There are multiple chances a day for almost everyone to get infested. Simply by leaving your home you are putting yourself at risk.

This is why Green Thermal Solutions and may leading experts in the field consider laundering so important to protect your home from BedBugs. At Green Thermal Solutions we love to remind people that Heat is the only scientifically proven and recommended way to kill BedBugs, their eggs, larvae and nymphs for certain. This not only applies to our home Heat Treatment for BedBugs but also for your clothing, linens, textiles and any heat safe fabric items. We understand the thought of laundering every launder able item in your home may be daunting but we promise we wouldn't ask you to do it unless we had a good reason to.

We want to offer you a few tips and tricks to make sure your home stays BedBug free.

1) Sort and Separate Clothes and Linens -Clothes should be separated into piles as you would your normal laundry ie: Delicate's, Whites, Colors, Dry Clean only etc. Place each pile in a clean bag and tie it off.

2) Washing and Drying- Items placed in the dryer for 40 minutes on high will kill all stages of BedBugs. Heat is BedBugs mortal enemy. Sealed plastic bags should be opened and put into the washer or dryer carefully to avoid letting and BedBugs escape. Plastic bags should not be re-used but rather sealed and carefully discarded of outside of your home. You may choose to use your own laundry facilities or a laundry mat. Please read the labels very carefully on your Dry Clean only and Delicates as they may not be intended to laundering in this manner and may require special care. Clean clothes and linens are not required to be washed again but can be placed directly into the dryer for 40 minutes on High. Dirty clothes need to be washed at the highest possible temperature before being placed into the dryer for 40 minutes on High. 

3) Storing- Laundered clothes and linens should be folded and placed into new plastic bags. Do not set your clothes down on surfaces that have not been inspected and/ or treated for BedBugs. These bags should not be opened until after your home has been Heat Treated. Depending on the type of residence you live in store your laundered items outside your home, in a garage or in your bathtub if the treatment has not yet been completed. After your home has been Heat Treated and your infestation problem has been resolved feel free to return your clothes and linens to their rightful places.

It may take a little extra time to do this but it will help get rid of and keep the BedBugs from returning or spreading via your clothing. If you find yourself busy, unable or would simply prefer to leave it to the experts Green Thermal Solutions is proud to offer a door to door laundering service. We will pick your pre-packed bags, launder all items with the utmost care to the highest possible standards of BedBug eradication and return them in fresh, sealed bags right to your door step. Click to call us today for your quote (905)577-3914

Classic Signs of Infestation


Classic Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation 

You start your morning off right every day, nothing out of the ordinary. Always the usual 6 am wake up and perhaps a coffee. Same routine day after day.

One morning there is a minuscule change. You notice a tiny black dot on the sheets that just won't flick off. You ask yourself if it’s a fluff or piece of lint, is a wayward crumb from the midnight snack you maybe snuck into bed last night? None of those seem quite right. You drive yourself crazy thinking about that dot.

Hop in the shower and put it to the back of your mind. You get out and as your drying off you notice you are itchy around the ankles. Now you are noticing that itch is quite strong and no matter how hard you scratch its just getting worse. Those little welts are so itchy you are sure you will be scratching for hours. They are red, puffy and won’t quit irritating. You are horrified to find its not just a single bite, there are 3 of them as a matter of fact. Its time to get to the bottom of this.

You make the rounds checking in with everyone in your family “Do you have any bites on you"? But as usual no one besides you has noticed anything out of the ordinary. You start searching you see nothing not a single thing major anywhere, just a couple more of those annoying looking dots. Is that ink?

At this point your family is sure you have gone off the deep end. You have made a mess of the bedroom and you still have zero answers. As the day moves on so do you.

Later, you come home to your cozy clean house and make dinner. The phone rings and on the other end is your cleaning lady. She wants to let you know about something she found something while working today.   As you start panic about she may have seen or found in the depths of your home (a lacy nightgown or other unmentionables perhaps?) She drops the bomb…” You have Bed Bugs”.

After the initial shock your mind is racing. So many questions. Where did they come from? How did I not notice? How do I deal with this? Why couldn't I find evidence of them this morning in my sheets?

She thoughtfully begins to explain that Bed Bugs hide. They hide very well. You most likely won't find the actual bug but more likely signs such as little black dots which is disturbingly actually fecal matter. There could be little bloodstains from rolling over in your sleep and squishing one. Skins that they shed during their molting cycle that look like the skin off a peanut it is thin and crumbles on contact. 

She lets you know Bed Bugs need to feed on your blood in order to molt (grow) into an adult, lay more eggs and worst of all build a small army in your home. She didn’t find any but if you see things like; tiny clusters of eggs that are pearly white and oval shaped. Nymphs which are hatched baby Bed Bugs. They are almost clear and exceptionally difficult to see, but look closely around your mattress edging, up inside your box spring or even couch cushions you may find some. These Bed Bugs need 5 blood meals before they can lay eggs so if you take care of it immediately and diligently you may be able to quell an outbreak.

She further explains you need to give this your full attention because an adult Bed Bug can lay up to 5 eggs a day or up to 500 eggs in their lifetime. Gross!  An fully mature Bed Bug is about the size of an apple seed and mahogany in color. Now that it has sunk in you are feeling itchy all over. You have one last question for her “How did this happen to me? I have a clean house!” 

Her final dose of truth… Bed Bugs love everyone. You don't have to be dirty to have them. If you are human, you can get them. They love to hitchhike home with you from anywhere and everywhere. Lastly and as far as your loved one not getting bites that may not be true, not everyone reacts to bites. Some people can get bitten several times over and never show a single symptom.

If you even remotely think you may have Bed Bugs call Green Thermal Solutions for your hassle free, no pressure zero strings attached in home consultation today.



Green Thermal Solutions wants you to sleep tight. Spring is here and we want to celebrate. We are offering our lucky winner an all inclusive full home heat remediation treatment.

This includes;

-In Home Consultation. This is where our lovely technician comes to your home a few days prior to your appointment and gives you customized advice on how best to prepare for your upcoming service. We will give you all our pre-treatment checklists and let you know more about how our equipment works, how to get the most out of the treatment and why we are able to offer our "One and Done" guarantee.

-Heavy Lifting. Although our Preparation Service is normally pay by the hour we have decided our lucky winner will get up to 2 hours of our biggest and strongest technicians coming to help you move your furniture and get your home set up for a successful treatment. 

-Full Home Heat Remediation. This is the good stuff. We will come into your home with our top of the line Heat Assault 500X equipment and kill those pesky Bed Bugs, Nymphs, Larvae and Eggs. In one single treatment. Our technicians are gentle with your home and belongings but we promise our Heat Assault 500X is tough on your Bed Bugs. 

- 90 Day Guarantee*. We are so confident in our technicians, equipment and methods that even though this is a free treatment we will include our Green Thermal Solutions signature 90  "One and Done Guarantee". 

-Make It Whole Again. Although as with our preparation services this is normally a pay by the hour service but not for you our lucky winner. We will include 2 more hours of help. Our technicians will stick around and help you put your place back to how you like it. 

-Last But Not Least! Since it takes time do the job right Green Thermal Solutions wants to feed and entertain you. We will provide a $50 gift card to the restaurant of your choice, 2 movie tickets and $25 gift card from the theater to help buy your treats. 

All you have to do is like our Facebook page, share this post and comment by tagging someone you think may be interested in winning this package from Green Thermal Solutions. It is that easy. 

We will randomly choose one winner from all eligible entries on May 1st 2018. 

Good Luck.

*Guarantee is limited to conditions listed on Green Thermal Solution Service Contract. Prize must be used within 3 months of notification of the winner Monday to Friday only and excluding holidays. Open to residents of our service areas only. Must be over the age of 19 to win.


Beat Bed Bugs to the punch.


A periodic inspection of all areas of your home and/ or building is an important, quick and easy way to effectively manage a potential infestation before it gets out of hand. Here is some information and tips that we hope can help you find any infestation before it becomes a problem.

 Communicate. Sounds simple and we promise it truly is. Listen and ask. Has anyone in your home noticed bugs or woken up with some itchy bites? Make it known that if anyone sees anything or gets any bites you want know. The city of Hamilton definitely got it right with their "No Blame, No Shame"  campaign. Make it clear that it doesn't matter who may have brought what from where and no matter how clean you are it can happen to anyone. Take the stigma away from Bed Bugs and the chances of open communication on the subject and someone coming to when they notice anything is much more likely. Say it with us "No Blame, No Shame".

 Inspect Regularly. Make a monthly habit of checking each bed, sofa, love seat, recliner, ottoman or anywhere people like to lounge or fall asleep for signs of Bed Bugs. Fun Fact; 70% of Bed Bugs are found directly on furniture, the next 23% are found within 5 feet of the primary infested furniture and only 7% are found beyond that. So checking your furniture on a regular basis is your best chance of early detection.

Beds: Check the corners of the bed sheets, bed frame, mattress and box spring.

Other home furniture: Check along the seams, under the cushions, lift up the skirting and give a little extra attention to the pleats and the seam that attaches to the furniture. Make sure to flip it around and check any parts the are facing or jammed up against a wall. Make sure to take a few minutes and inspect any lamps, tables, electrical sockets, wall hangings curtains, baseboards and carpets (including rugs) in the vicinity of these high risk areas as well. 

Bed Bugs love small spaces and sometimes we find people overlook inspecting things that come in and out of your house on a regular basis. We would recommend to take a quick look for signs of Bed Bugs in backpacks on walkers and scooters, sports equipment and carrying bags. Again anything that comes in and out of your home could be at risk of bringing these pests in with them.

If you think you may have Bed Bugs and would like to speak with a professional make sure to Contact us. One and Done. Gauranteed.



Canine Pest Detection


Dogs have been used for serious scent detection work since the Middle Ages. Today canines are extensively trained and utilized by service professionals all over the globe to search for illegal drugs, bombs, weapons, missing people, and more. Dogs incredible sense of smell which is thought to be up to 100,000 times stronger than a humans, can even detect some forms of Cancer. 

A dog's sense of smell is their main sense. We as humans think in terms of sight because that is our main sense. When you go home after being out and there is soup cooking and you open the door you smell the soup however the dog smells all of the ingredients of that soup separately. Because of this trait people have trusted dogs for centuries, using them for scent detection, protection and security.

Our certified Bed Bug dogs are extremely accurate in finding Bed Bugs and/or Bed Bug eggs. Canine Bed Bug detection works because dogs are trained for hundreds of hours with the scents of live and dead adult Bed Bugs and their eggs. They are trained by using sniff and find routines and commands repeatedly until they are fully trained experts. This takes several hundreds of hours of dedicated training and handling. 

Once fully trained and certified our expertly-trained dogs can detect Bed Bugs in the fraction of the time it would take any human pest control professional to perform visual inspections. Our working dogs are relentless and extermely reliable with an ability to cover multiple individual homes or units in one day.


Keeping Your House Clean Does Not Protect You


When you are dealing with your average pestilential insect, such as the roach, keeping your house pristine is often an excellent way to keep them away. However, with Bed Bugs, the cleanest house in all the land will not avail you. Bed Bugs care only about your warm, delicious blood, and the air you exhale. Though Bed Bugs may be more dangerous to those who cannot afford an exterminator, your cleanliness will help you about as much as shouting at them in a cold fury, at the horrendous invasion they have beset upon your humble abode.

Bed Bug Scientific Classification

8763869_8_Bed bug close up.jpg

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs get their name because they are commonly found in beds but can also be found in other places where humans spend a lot of time: hotels, airplanes, and couches.

·    Size: 1/4"

·    Shape: Flat, broad, oval

·    Color: Mahogany to rusty brown and they turn red after sucking blood

·    Legs: 6

·    Wings: No

·    Antenna: Yes

·    Common Name: Bed bug

·    Kingdom: Animalia

·    Phylum: Arthropoda

·    Class: Insecta

·    Order: Hemiptera

·    Family: Cimicidae

·    Species: Cimex lectularius

 Bed bugs are hard to see, so if you think you have Bed Bugs call Green Thermal Solutions.

Bed Bugs can live anywhere...


When most people think of bed bugs, they think of hotels. But the truth is, bed bugs can thrive anywhere in single-family homes, apartments, hospitals, college dorm rooms, office buildings, schools, buses, trains, movie theaters, retail stores and just about anywhere that humans are. In fact, according to the Bugs without Borders study, 89 percent of pest professionals report treating bed bug infestations in single-family homes, and 88 percent report treating bed bug infestations in apartments/condos. Respondents also report other common areas, with 67 percent treating bed bug infestations in hotels/motels, 35 percent in college dormitories, 9 percent on various modes of transportation, 5 percent in laundry facilities, and 4 percent in movie theatres.