MATTRESS, BOX SPRING and Furniture removal

Full Disclosure, Green Thermal Solutions does not believe throwing out furniture, box springs or mattresses will solve your Bed Bug infestation. If anything, it may slightly reduce the number of Bed Bugs in your home. Improper disposal of furniture, box springs or mattresses can sometimes make the problem worse.  There is a risk of spreading Bed Bugs throughout your house or apartment complex. Special precautions need to be taken to prevent Bed Bugs from spreading to new areas in your home, apartment complex or neighbors.

Green Thermal Solutions heat treatment services can normally salvage furniture, box springs and mattresses but if you choose you want to dispose of infested furniture we are here to help.

Unwanted furniture, box springs or mattresses can be picked up and discarded of prior to your homes Bed Bug treatment. They will be disposed of in a safe fashion to ensure that Bed Bugs do not spread throughout your home, apartment or to your neighbors.

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