bed bug treatment laundering services

don't let those Bed Bugs bite again

Time and time again we have heard from our clients that the most frustrating part of getting rid of their Bed Bug problem is dealing with with all the laundry. We heard you and we are here to help. We offer full service door to door laundering services to take some of that work off your plate. 

Every professional is going to tell you to wash all washable fabrics in hot water and dry on high heat. Bed Bugs love to live in nooks and crannies. Bed Bugs are challenging pests to get rid of, since they hide so well and reproduce so quickly. If you do have Bed Bugs, it is strongly recommended that you wash all launder able fabrics to prevent re infestation. You don't have the time, desire or will to do this Green Thermal Solutions has you covered.

We will pick up your already bagged and sealed laundry in one of our unmarked and discreet vehicle right from your home. Green Thermal Solutions professionally and tediously launders your clothing to ensure the most effective manner of Bed Bug eradication possible. We will put your fresh bug free clothing in new different colored bags for easy identification and drop if right back off on your doorstep. Hassle free.

Laundering is an important step in the treatment of bed bugs, and keeps your clothes, linens, curtains, and others bug free. Green Thermal Solutions extends its services to you to ensure your home remains Bed Bug free long after we are gone.

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