heat treatment for Bed Bugs

why heat treatment

If you have got this far you must have at some point asked yourself the question "Why heat treatment for Bed Bugs?" At the Green Thermal Solutions we absolutely love to get asked this. Let us show you why we are so passionate about Thermal Heat Remediation as the only true solution to exterminating an infestation in your home. 

Persistently committed to delivering the safest bed bug treatment option to our clients, we have invested in the latest thermal remediation equipment. It is called the Heat Assault 500 X. It is easily the leading industry equipment. Thermal remediation is a chemical-free bed bug extermination method that uses controlled heat to eliminate hard to reach reach Bed Bugs. During heat treatment, heat is applied in an infested room. Heat is produced by our Heat Assault 500 X equipment and is distributed throughout the room using specialized heaters and fans. Our technicians, trained in Bed Bug heat treatment extermination, are always equipped with monitoring devices to ensure the temperature won’t increase too high and damage surrounding property. 

the facts

Bed Bugs are notoriously difficult to eliminate from a home once they begin an infestation. Modern bed bugs are resistant to many insecticides, and it is not likely that anyone can eliminate them fully with the use of toxic chemical sprays alone. Heat treatment is a safe alternative to harsh chemicals that are capable of making you and your family (pets included) quite sick. Bed Bugs are tenacious, but they are sensitive to temperature and cannot survive if the environment reaches a lethal temperature. Heat is one the only treatments that can be used by itself without the need for harmful chemicals.

Years of research by Cities, Universities, Housing Commissions and even the Military have allowed us to understand the habits and life cycles of Bed Bugs and this research points to only one conclusion as to how to kill 100% of all stages of bed bugs and that is Heat.

the logistics

It all starts with your call to Green Thermal Solutions. Once you have decided Green Thermals Solutions is the right choice for you, we dispatch one of our highly trained Technicians/ Inspectors to your home within 12 hours for a complimentary inspection and consultation.

During the initial visit we will determine where the nests are, the severity of the infestation, counsel you on the preparation needed to get your home ready for treatment and most importantly work with you to develop a treatment plan so you can get rid of your Bed Bugs once and for all.  

Once a date has been set for your treatment, we will provide you with all the necessary documents and checklists to make sure you get the most out of your treatment. We are always available by phone if you have any questions about getting your home ready. If you really need extra help moving some of the bulkier items, simply don't want or do not have time to do it yourself we do also offer Bed Bug Pre-Treatment Preparation as well as Aftercare Services.

Our team arrives bright and early in our unmarked and discreet vehicles. We get our equipment in place and have the heat pumping in less than an hour. Worried your neighbors might ask too many questions? Don't worry Green Thermal Solutions has an answer for them, we will be polite and friendly but we wont let them know whats really going on. We value your privacy.  Once all treatment areas have reached the "kill zone" temperatures for the time required to eliminate all stages of Bed Bugs we pack up and leave. Other than a very warm house you would never know we had been there. There are no smells, chemicals or anything harmful. You will be back in your beds that night as if you never had Bed Bugs to begin with.

This is all covered by Green Thermal Solutions "One and Done" 90 Day Guarantee * so you really have nothing to lose other than a whole lot of Bed Bugs. 

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