K-9 Bed Bug Detection

Green Thermal Solutions offers K-9 detection services.  Our handler and K-9 team will perform a discreet and comprehensive search of the entire premise with detailed attention to any areas or rooms in question.  Upon completion of the inspection a discreet and confidential report documenting our teams findings will be provided.  If the K-9 alerts to bed bugs, Green Thermal Solutions will then design a bed bug treatment plan suited for all your needs.  


Why do we need a bed bug K-9 inspection?


-K-9's can detect bed bugs inside furniture, walls, voids, wall plug outlets and anywhere humans     cannot inspect.

-K-9's perform an inspection 80% faster than standard inspections.

-K-9's reduce the number of rooms/units needing treatment by pin-pointing locations.

-K-9's are 98.9% effective at finding all stages of bed bugs, eggs & larvae.

-Our K-9 can inspect your new home prior to moving in to ensure your residence is bed bug free.

-Our K-9 can inspect your luggage upon arrival from a trip or vacation.

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